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A, management concept: it is with the person this, excellent quality, sincere service, achieve a win-win situation
Linyi DE and international trade Co., LTD development depends on each staff, and international development and DE for each employee provides opportunities for growth and advancement, make the company and the employee on each other, between the honor or disgrace and harmonious relationship; Through the implementation of the "strict, fine, new, solid" management operation, continued to provide customers with high quality products and services, the superior service for junior, authority for the service, the procedure for the next process service for customers, employees and consumer service, build give a good enterprise atmosphere, formed the company and the employee, the enterprise and the relationship between customer win-win cooperation.
Second, the management philosophy: sincerity, the pursuit of excellence, team winning, innovation and development, the customer is supreme, decides to himself
Sincerity: the market economy is the credit economy. Do not keep good faith is of no value to the people, do not keep the integrity of the enterprise is not the vitality of enterprises.
The pursuit of excellence: with the most high-quality products and services dedicated social, shaping excellent employees, creating the best enterprise, and constantly negative ego, and constantly transcend self.
Team winning: enterprise values were leading personal values, the power of the team's incentive and international people go forward.
Innovation and development: pause means that die. With the innovation of the thinking to meet changing needs, with market changes to the innovation of the prior to lead the market, the enterprise to the fierce market competition.
The customer is supreme, the customer is always right. We continue to meet customer demand, continue to provide high quality product and service, dedicated to customer's success is our success of premise.
Have a da: DE and the rapid development of the company set up in each session of social support base. April showers bring may flowers, Germany and international people with a grateful heart, on the basis of their own development do all it can to return society, help others, sharing success.
Three, the management aim: customer satisfaction, employee happiness, enterprise development and the rich and powerful
The development of international DE not just an enterprise's success, but let the society, customers, employees, partners and other aspects get real benefits, achieve mutually beneficial and win-win social benefits, and share success with the customer, together with the employees for development, and social progress.
Four, enterprise mission:
1. Create more wealth for countries to benefit the people's livelihood to the masses
2. For national create a wide influential brand
3. To provide consumers with more cost-effective advantage of the products
4. For employees to build a platform to realize their life values

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