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In this is full of opportunities and challenges, in the time of each plank industry peers in all hope in this century stage play,  exhibit talent. However,  the golden age of opportunity is just a stage background, on the stage is the need of the conditions of the role, want to based on industry becomes, the first to build a can edgy competitiveness, adapt to the modern market competition in commercial special forces: to become industry and commerce leader, we need to have strong ability to control (insight, thinking, judgment, decision making, and organizational strength, guidance force, executive power), the more need to shape our basic character (composed, careful, daring, active, generous, honest, and bear).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Mr. Gao has other words very well, "talent is the highest profits, the good person talent management of goods enterprise is the big winners". The power of learning is the competitive edge, and group learning force is enterprise competitiveness. Only in the reform and open policy the avenue, keep pace with The Times, as can be spent to create a new initiative, bureau.

  Therefore, community software, training talents is the enterprise when affairs need. Heaven and earth strangers, a person should have a person of power; Living life, live one day when a day as often. Germany and human life orientation is for has set up a file in the stage and is on stage entrepreneurs do backup thrusting, perfect role conditions. Nine Yin JiuYang, ice hot casting; Big case to people, the two Thai most holy; Entire being into enterprise, thriving enterprise xingguo; For the twenty-first century really become the industry leader and contribution bit.

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